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Master Of Sorrow


Band/Artist: Stormzone

Album: Seven Sins

Each town different
I pray for innocence
And hope for suffering
And man's indifference
I'll see your pain and I'll
Sell you sanctuary
Miracles in a brand new century

I'm offering a new release
A payment gets you new belief
Potions never seen before
A fresher understanding
Everything that you've been told
Can disappear with what I've sold
A promise of your money back
If you're not satisfied

I'm the Master of Sorrow
I'll be gone by the light
And the lies that you're buying
Disappear with the night
I'm the Master of Sorrow
Any wrong I put right
Remedies that you're buying
Roll up for the changing of your life

Where I come from, no one can trace that
I'll appear suddenly, you'll have to face that
I'll make you better, I'll tell you stories
I'll bring you back to your former glories

I already know your pain
Seen it all time and again
Another town, another name
The things that I'm providing
Come and see what I can give
To make you think you truly live
My special gift to everyone
Before the rising sun