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Marlon Brando

Cameron, Alex
An angel, standing right there before my very eyes
A vision on the arm of another man, but baby this should come as no surprise
And I want to let him know what a pussy he is
And I want to let her know that I match what he is
But I won't
'Cause I heard him say something and I can't seem to forget and I want him to regret it

So I'll you something sister, I'm feeling mighty fine
You tell that little faggot call me faggot one more time
Where I'm from little darling, opinion ain't a crime
You'll see his face tomorrow gonna wish that you were mine

Darling, I want you to know that I heard what he said
And that's okay
I'm pretty cooked but my shit is far from dead
Well I saw you last week and you looked real nice
Outside the super club, I was behind frothy dice
And I know
That we only just met but I think this is real and I want you to feel it

So tell me something baby, tell me I ain't fine
I feel like Marlon Brando circa 1999
Hold on little darling, these feelings make me shine
You see me out here dancing bet you wish that you were mine

But I know
Your friends are gonna talk about me, saying I'm the one to blame
But that bloke should have kept quiet baby, why'd he go and speak my name?

I know
I guess I just want you to be with me
I want you to say that my hair looks nice and my face has a Beckham-like quality
And I know that I blew it and I know it ain't right to be calling men faggots and to be starting fights
But I can't stop
I'm a dam overflowing and I'm a river run wild and I guess it's about that time

I feel like Marlon Brando, feel like Marlon Brando, feel like Marlon Brando, feel it, feel it [x4]