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March Of The Crucifiers

Bloodbath (SWE)
Lo and behold
Cat o' nine tails
Flogging the back of the soon to be dead
Non-lethal at first
Just playful torture
We save his soul for the hangman's roar

In the name of hell
We strip the cross of the arch priest
Get the rope to hang him high
To the gallows we go
Will celebrate a morbid feast
Til the flames of the funeral pyre

Transcending past perception
With ways of ripping death
Virtuous palpitation
Obliterate the ruined soul
Revenant imposter
Burn at mental stake
Ripples through the arteries
Rabid beast at last awake

Join our stride
It's the march of the crucifiers
Kettledrums blast at the altar of death
Ensnarers of faith
Movement of night echo in aeternum
Heighten the kill and awaken the swarm

Dissident bliss
Blemish their poise
Strangle god's voice