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Malefica Non Patieris Vivere

Away from the light of day
In a place forlorn from the hand of god
Where religious blasphemies
Transcend the line between good and evil

We pray to the ancient ones
To the ones who guide our blackened hearts
We left the world behind
With the poisoned lies of strayed sheep

Malefica non patieris vivere
We hear those voices in the night
Malefica non patieris vivere
Just before the persecution begins

Strange forces dwell in this place
Coming up from the denial of your god
Pagan signs hanging everywhere
This is the temple of the damned

Once you come there's no turning back
You are lost forever
Eternally wandering alone
Sharing the painful way of death

We who are the bearers of the black light
Invite you to dwell among us
Say goodbye to the world of sin

Malefica non patieris vivere
With burning torches they come for us all
Malefica non patieris vivere
To erase the impure ones from the eyes of their lord

Forgotten and forlorn
We are all alone
Timeless we are

One day we'll join our forces
To return all together
Fear that day- be aware!!!