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Maggie Moonshine (Extended Version)


Band/Artist: Rednex

Album: Farmout

When Maggies father past away the lawyer slowly read:
I'll give to you all I've got to give and it's a corn field and a still
She was only a youngster then but full of enterprise
she already knew what to do, how to get the strongest brew

First she harvest every single corn
grind it, add some water, in the mashtun with it all
strain the mixture, fermentation for two days
pour it in the pot still, find a level for the heat

Chorus: Did you ever taste Maggies brew
you know the one that she use to do
I'll bet it's really gonna knock you out
after a long and heavy spree

Now Maggie's working night and day to give us what we want
the golden corn gives a golden shine who lights up every night
If you will ever get a taste I swear to God I do
you'll never be the same again, it will blow your mind to moon

First she harvest...


Di-di-di-di-di-di-di-di-di-di-did you ever taste....!