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Look Ma!

Leftwich, Benjamin Francis
Look Ma, the wind stopped blowing
And I see that that means nothing
There's more to a storm
And all the wires are down
And there is not a sound
But I pray, just for today

Look Ma, I ain't done growing
My blind eyes are slowly opening up again
Sun overhead
By now denial is breaking
I'm over the fake love making
As a way of quick escape

Through the chaos and the calm
Found some comfort in the harm
And I fall apart

Look Ma, some winds still blowing
I'm over pretending knowing it all
As I hit the floor

It's gonna be a long long day
Looking for a long long winter
Planning on an easy way
To get around the whole thing quicker

Trick of the mind for a minute
Was only lying to myself
Pushing my luck to the limit
Putting the poison on the shelf
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah