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Live Your Life

Wizard (DEU)

Band/Artist: Wizard (DEU)

Album: Fallen Kings

The ocean tides move back and forth
By the power of moon and sun
You go out too far, you will be swallowed by the waves
So they say - is it really true?

Believe in god so they say
He gives the force to survive
Each prayer can enlighten you
Have no fear, salvation is near

Just live like you feel it all
It's in your heart
Enjoy your life in all its forms
Don't care about what others say

Live your life
Enjoy the night
Do not waste your time
Then you'll be right

Live your life
Enjoy the day
Just follow your passion
Then you'll be right

You sit there sad and worn
Your dreams locked in your thoughts
Feelings of sadness in your heart
No path leads ahead?

Who are these people who know everything
What is good or wrong for you
Raise your fist into the air
And follow your own way