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Little Coco

Andre Nickatina
I was the itty bitty cat, with the itty bitty bat, with the itty bitty gat, with the itty bitty raps, they like "ooh not you", I'm like "yeah nigga me", I only come around when niggas pay me, I love bruce lee with a cup of ice tea, fully dressed smokin' weed in a hot jacuzzi

Big bank in the fish tank, sideways on the street when I dip man, drinkin' pineapple crush with a blunt, don't touch, check it showin' my luck for this girl name, Nicky punch, what, spare me your thoughts, pass the hotsauce, you don't know how much these shrimps cost

The homie baked to a state, the warning's like wait, cause everything we do is like a dopecase yeah, rippin' through the city at a fast pace yeah, tryna make money 'fore it's too late yeah, fall arrives, check it tiga bonzai, livin' like the devil sent piece of the pie

Kill the noise if you're spittin' baby, talkin' is for spectators, fascinated by the brain the multiple game, tryna get you over way out of you're frame, you're dancin' with the devil when you mention my name, like caine and thangs nigga buck-bucka bang bang I hope that's my lady when the fucka phone rangs

Like a fares wheel, I get the fairest deals because I lovee long legs and the highest heels I drive a coup devielle AND A SEDAN DEVILLE and I kick it sometimes up in VACAVILLE girl relax and chill we got weed for real and would you please make sure dem drinks don't spill

You know we kick it hella wicked on a ticket to atlanta mind state thinkin like the 60's black panthers like JO-JO dancer, baby what's your answer your partner is a libra I'm a a pisces you's cancer PRANCER! that's my tiger from the five they told me to park, and I put it in drive, they told me "tell the truth", and a nigga straight lied, I had em all twisted like a bag of culry fries