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Let It Explode

Psycho Side

Band/Artist: Psycho Side

Album: Psycho Side

How many years …
I´ve been eating my dreams
Whole time the shadows
Shook all of my bones
But I am still here… It´s my life

You’ve wasted my ears
You’ve wasted my days
I’ve thought about this
Loading my head
The time has come man…now it’s too late!

Watch me
So Slow
And let my beast
Let it explode

Hey lad, look at me
Now I’m a grown man
The pictures of past
I put in those eyes
My heart is beating…it`s beating so fast
My veins are stretching…I’m close to Crush

Watch me
So Slow
And let my beast…

I’m gonna break my arms
No chains, No more

I’m gonna brake my soul
Exchanged for hopes

Break my arms… Break my arms
You break my soul… Break my soul
Break my arms
Break my…