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Legions of the Deep

Arkham Witch

Band/Artist: Arkham Witch

Album: Demo 2009

Listen to the Chaos rise
That the fog awoke
The occultists know it's time
The old gods invoked

Into the ocean black
The strange people pour
Great Cthulhu wakes at last
To call them all to war!

People of Innsmouth to the sea
I hear the Old Ones call to me
Deep in the ocean we shall be
The lords of all His blasphemy
Legions of the Deep!

Weird stars are misaligned
The universe, it burns
A strange light on Innsmouth shines
A dark age returns
We herald an age of black
And as mankind bleeds
We shall live in paradise
Under the sea


I dream emerald dreams
Of the waters and the seas
Into the ocean go
To great Cthulhu down below
Hear ye the whispering winds
Telling you of other things
Eerie realms unseen
Cyclopean cities in the sea!

Oh great Cthulhu, legions deep
We come to wake you
From profound sleep
From a wild clime
That lieth sublime
Out of space - and out of time

Below the thunder
of the upper deeps
And far beneath
the abysmal sea
His ancient dreamless,
un-invaded sleep
Cthulhu sleepeth - sunlight flees