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King Crab

Antioch Antioxidant Accident
I started writing this song in a graveyard
because I figured I should get used to being in one.
I don't really think I want to be cremated
because I want to leave a mark on the world.
Isn't that pathetic? (hahaha pitiful pitiful pitiful pitiful pitiful)
He wants to pay someone to carve his name
into a rock when he bites it.
"He wants to leave his mark on the world"
means he want to leave a dent in the ground
so you know he's being eaten.

I'll rip every scar and scab from my body.
I'll pluck out the tumors I'll poison my self.
I'll cling to machines that cling to life for me.
I'm so scared of dying it's ruining my health.
(The king's arrival has not been heralded, despite
his inevitability, and should the trumpets blow
tomorrow, he may yet retain you in torturous service
for aeons.)

Live a little, kid, you're still not dead.
Chances are this is all in your head.
No, it's real, it's real, what else could it be?
The worst stuff always happens to me

Come on, everybody! KING CRAB!
A little bit louder! KING CRAB!
One more time y'all! KING CRAB!