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Judgement Day (June 2001 - And The Moon Be Still As Bright)

Royal Hunt

Band/Artist: Royal Hunt

Album: The Mission

I don't need a reason - being who I am
I don't need a reason to try to understand

Why we even bother,in the noman`s land,killing one another.For what? Some rocks and sand?

But I`ll stop that flow - I won`t let it go

Everybody`s losing for a little gain.Everybody`s choosing to walk away in pain

Wake me up,I`m dreaming - world`s gone insane

I would give my life away, but who can stop the rain?

I swear I`ll stop these bullets in the air,I swear I won`t walk away

My share`s to be a tougher man to scare,my share-right to the dawn of Judgement Day

I know-it`s hard to move against the flow,I know-but I won`t hide away

I`ll go `cross the desert,through the snow,I`ll go into the light of Judgement Day

I know this day will come and count the score.

Waiting for tomorrow I`d close my eyes and pray:"Take my load of sorrow and all my fears away"

In a scary fashion nightmare reappears-I can feel it coming and waking up in tears

Don`t tell me lies,`coz everybody knows what`s goin`on

We`re almost proud that our race is bad right to the bone

Can't you see - we're looking again, high and low,

for the world to destroy - like our own?