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Istigkeit (We Saw Them Of Old)

Mountains Crave
Of old we saw the universe with pristine perception
Blank page of pure mind defiled by vulgar inscription
Blind to clear light of the void, dimmed by evolution

Essence and is-ness, we saw them of old
Ancient awareness, we saw them of old
I feel in my marrow, we saw them of old
I know in my spirit, we saw them of old

Gleaming like Enceladus, a coruscating glow
Lights the deepest darkness, its stream forever flows
Man tragically ignorant, cursed with perishing sight
Unseen palaces of differentiated light

Consciousness obscured
By The Silvern veil
clouds a flimsy raiment
Of boundless space

Before time, entwined in the blackness
Before the dawn of thought

Amorphous sphere, without centre or circumference
Perfect oneness with the void

A galaxy of intense and vital beauty
Domain of the divine

Ascending the clouds of creation
unborn, unmade, unformed

We can feel nothing
We can see nothing
We can hear nothing
We know nothing