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Intro / On Dividing Conveyers

Scrambled Defuncts
A scene in subterranean neglected butchery
Rasping of metal drowns deformed children's crying
Conveyers moving with parted rotten flesh
Loaded with heaps of intestine and stabbed genitals
In fumes boiling lime the infants boiled
Slime erodes holes in burning eyeglobs
Shaking rashed organs of unseamed stomachs
On suppurated knead of spread faces
Cracked ribs prick the shreds of septic derm
Dried up rotten meat torn from the bones
From the rusted flesh-pots hanging broken hands
Gall leaks from the crumble of lacerated nails
Purulented limbs wet with decaying blood
Spots of hardened pus cover the tattered skin
Licking grumed drivel from the fouled infants
Piercing corrupted brain with crooked sharp needles
Being outraged I exhumate raped children
Smearing chopped lips with gall-bladder pus
Decollated body shakes with vomit calls
In swollen bowels I cum with bloody sperm
The presses squeeze piles of flayed corpses
Stranded genitals cut away from the crotches
Streams of torrent blood pour on dried up ground
Children for devourment hanging on the hooks
I caused their bodies to be cruelly opened
Great delight in viewing their internal organs
As if unripped cattle wounded and agonized