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Into The Veil

Satan's Host
(1st verse)

With the lights of the full moon
we move in the night
and the gods of the underworld
by our side
Secrets of dark visions
flashing through our minds
as we're passing through
the doors of time
We have seen the answers
to the questions of the centuries
from the black - beyond the Veil :
We are the future of humanity !

[2nd verse]
Here we come from beyond the threshold
hell-born temptors of inquity
take hold of your last living breath:
Dark secret has been forged
Into the Veil
on the wheels of power we ride
A cyclone of sound waves
thrash through our minds
Nothing left standing in the wake of our path !
Destiny reveals
Screaming out from the Abyss

[1st chorus]:
Into our time - Into the Veil
Into our time - Into the Veil
Into our time - Into the Veil
Into our time - Into the Veil

[3rd verse]
Welcome to our wasteland
we can see that you are starting to burn
Your immortal being -
Forever melting, dying, eternal pain !
Nocturnal wrath of the gods -
Suffer in torment mortal fools
Into the Veil -
You will never see life again !
(repeat last line)

[4th verse]
Venture into the black
where the spirits rest
Riding the thin line of Death:
Can you conquer its test ?
Struggle against the spirits
trying to keep you there
The demons will have your soul
on the brink of despair

(Repeat 1st verse)

Into the Veil !