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Internal Messenger

Brown, Arthur
Tried to be what others needed
Now I'll be just what I am
Stolen and begged and borrowed and pleaded
Whatever must be done I can

For I've got to know
Seems there's no one to show me my power
That's why I've had to take me
And break me away from my past

Opened up to new vibrations
Everything both right and wrong
"Yes and no" to every question
Can be this the way to go?

Won't let the blind direct my mind
Listen I'll find a way to my secrets
For with or without you
I've got to make life my home
Deep in my heart
I can feel insanity
Letting go to set me free

And the feeling that I'm flying
Has me screaming till I'm crying out for more
But there's no escape 'cause someone's closed the door

Nobody's here to help you now
Nobody... nobody's here to show you how
You'll have to face yourself alone

And the meaning of our yearning
Is the feeling that we're learning where we are
And there's something calling to us from afar

Watch me here, watch me there
I'm everywhere!
Would you laugh, would you cry
Are you afraid to die?
Have you looked? Have you seen?
Do you know where I have been at all?
Around the world, in the sky
I'm gonna look for life

Search for the sun to let the rays
Dump on your smiling face again
Gonna ride
Let the sun beam down

And there's something falling to us from afar