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Infants Skinning

Scrambled Defuncts
Grotesque rotting vomit of infested remains
Pus livid stains on the skin of the dying
Floating in human flesh-pots filled with blood
Infected meat bits of decapitated children
In wombing slime of excavated tombs
Gutting infants after torsos dissection
Dead bodies torn into pieces in the dirt
Breathing evaporation of their defecation
Ecstasy through suppression in yourself
Arising from hills of rancid genitals
In decaying corpses knife implants holes
Ruptured out sacs, pronged crippled stomach
Foetid sludge flows down from my lips
On children unboned with a cleaver
Eviscerated and champed brain in my mouth
From the punctured heads separated from the necks
Tearing with teeth meat fermented from the broken bones
Grown together ribs, scramble of their bodies
Amputated entrails diffuse the stench
Hackled inversed colons jet with blood
Pull out anal passage spreading the sludge
Tumour bloated organs burst in my arms
The bleeding flesh torn with blood knifes
Huge hammer grinds deformed skulls
Corrupted knead of facial muscles
Parted bodies get cold on intestinal heaps
Taken off skin on rusted sharp bayonets
Decaying ulcers developed on shreds
Combusted decoction of flesh-pots with boiling blood
Putrefacted meat innards and crushed heads