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Betraying The Martyrs
Alone, you lose control
Between these walls that you've built in your head
And you can't, look forward with your head hanging down
Hanging around in this cell of regret
But, you, you just don't get it
You let it get in the way
You stay chained locked up in your brain
No, no, you just don't get
So keep on hiding your face
Go build those walls, that'll drive you insane

I watched you forge them bars
You locked them up and then you swallowed the key
Time flies, open your eyes to stop from drowning in agony
I hate to watch you suffer
I hate to watch you suffocate

Out of your mind
Locked inside a self inflicted penitentiary
Look at me
Answer me, answer me, please don't go
Out of your mind,
This ain't how living is supposed to be
Look at me
Break these chains, get up and go

Locked inside
Doing time, you went and sentenced yourself to life In your mind
Incarcerated, intoxicating
What's in your mind?
I hate to watch you suffer
Don't say you're lonely
You're not alone, misery loves company
Alone, alone
Anxious swimming in sadness
Alone, alone
Thick skulled, living in the past, you're cold
Shiver, shiver, shiver
Shiver, shiver, shiver