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In Memory Of The Fallen

Eastern Front
Decades have passed since mankind fell to war

World war

Commemorate sacrifices in blood
Liberation, ultimate toll
The spirit of men; destitute, defeated
Endurance withers throughout their ranks

As we bow
In memory of the fallen
Despair entwined
In memory of the fallen

Devastation on a global scale
The circle of death descending
Soldiers, civilians moribund
Humanity fragmented, eroded

As we bow
In memory of the fallen
Lament their fate
In memory of the fallen

Gallant forces trapped, depleted
Days of artillery salvo without end
Countless millions butchered and slaughtered
No emancipation for the brave few

As aggressors pick off survivors with any means necessary
The congregation of dead spiral, bodies organised and aligned
Entire armies now effaced, no military nor civilians remain
The desolation of Europe seems ever certain