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Impalemented Mouths Sodomy

Scrambled Defuncts
Oiling oodles of sharp dirty pales
With organs' grease from necropsed stomachs
Putting the blooded and shaking children
On spikes through their mouth holes
Stakes implanted to intestines through trachea
Penetrate the stomach from the torn out throat
Pierce the rotting esophagus swollen like a sack
Tearing the muscles, come out from mangled back
I clutch contorted body transpierced by my cock
Disfigured infants coagulate from pain
From bursted tumours on fallen out liver
Splitting bones permeate in their spinal cord
The smelly pus flows out of hacked heads
Evulsioned entrails cut to small slices
Covers deprived of flesh, veins are clogged
Gutted and maimed children efflux with blood
Tattered entrails soaked in emetic slime
I lick thick pus from the smashed child's face
I rape with delight the chopped up corpses
In deflagrated holes of pulled out eye sockets
Congested addle haslet elicited out from abdomens
Dreadful copulation with cramped infants,
Impalemented through their mouths and issued of blood,
I lacerate malformed gutted torsos in halves
I chop down ragged heads of strangulated children
Smash the cubit joints, cut out the blooded tongues
Infants take painful death from infernal torment
The evulsed spine, sliced the swollen lungs
I fuck the heaps of tortured abraded children
From their bursted eyes runs bloody pus
Gone distorted bones fitfully dither
Castrated and raped in engorged eye holes
Dying, the infants try to set themselves free
But stakes penetrate them deeper and deeper