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Illuminate, eliminate

Altars Of Annihilation
This is our statement, read the signs
Its our grand declaration of war
through this valley of the damned
only the chosen will remain

those who are guiding light, inherited by the flesh and holy lineage,in the same hands our fate always remains

Serve your master, do as i say
say i am free, say it again
chose the way you will lose your life
modern slavery in disguise

By the hand, of the opulent, around your necks there is no ball and chain, you are strangled by ties that you put yourself

Hey, don´t be afraid
to be a sheperd
the knowledge is a priviledge
our order will always be
in blood our pact is sealed
Take our sheeps to the slaughterhouse
brand their skin, with their life choice
Illuminate, be one of us
Eliminate, their will and thought

I am free, is what they are trained to say
make a choice, is what they re lead to believe
paychecks, family and friends are palliatives
to mitigate the pain of your daily routine
killing your thought through religion and fear
telling everyone what they re supposed to be

Harvesters, taking the blood of the masses
Secrecy, join the bilderberg club
moving the pawns through the board we call world
filling our pockets through hunger and war
i own the media, the seeds of disorder
with terror we create our new world order

Follow the absolute power
We will control the masses
building collective desire
the illusion of social classes

you feel you are above them
you think you are the boss
remember when you wake up
you re also a slave of your job