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I Love the Lamp

Arkham Witch
I was walking through the forest just the other day,
Seducing any virgins that came my way,
Dancing like a fucker around the altar stones,
Revelling in the prophecy of the witches bones.

Cause I love the lamp!

I was jamming with the spirits at the grey sabbat,
Watching all the witches kiss the devil's arse
Fucking on the altar of the church in town
Turning all the crosses upside down.

Cause I love the lamp!

When I was very young my master said to me,
Said 'son you are the chosen one, alas this cannot be.
Because smoking and tripping is all that you do,
It's not your destiny. Fight the fire; control your desire
Come now follow me.'

When I grew in power
The White Council summoned me,
Said 'condemned you are, outlawed you are
For your blasphemy.'
But I hold here a lamp whose fire burns
It burns eternally, The Lamp of Thoth
The fire of my wrath - necromancy!

I'm Satan's child
And I'm running wild
And I'm coming for you!

I'm the devil's son
And I'm on the run
What you gonna do?


I'll fall from grace,
burn this hallowed place
and forget your rules
Down the left hand path
I'll have the last laugh,
and rule you fools

I was walking through the land just the other day,
Casting loadsa spells the old fashioned way,
Enchanting all the women cursing all the men,
Giving folks the jeebies, and the urge to sin
Turning everything fertile into barren ground
Causing all the rain to fall upside down
Curdling all the milk and spoiling all the beer,
Letting everyone know - the wizard's here

Cause I love the lamp!