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I'll Show Me

Crowell, Rodney

Band/Artist: Crowell, Rodney

Album: Texas

It's Lady's Night at the Blue Gazelle
Local talent looks alive and well
All dressed up with my slack britches on
I don't get lucky man, there's something wrong

Caddo pool hall down the Rue De Nowhere
Eight shots loaded, yeah man I've been there
Hey, watch this is what I said to the pool shark
I can make it shooting in the dark

A hundred dollars on an eight-ball call shot
Can't scratch now, cause that's all I've got
I'll show me
I'll show me

Man seeking unemployment
No gig too big to blow
Self-destruct for own enjoyment
Another knucklehead who can't say no

Blame a woman for the way I am
Much too easy, no thank you, mam
How'd I ever get this far you might ask
I'm here to tell you it was no small task

I don't need a map to show me where
I should be, cause I don't care
I'll show me
I'll show me

I kind of see myself as a young Richard Burton
Reading Dylan Thomas to some Welsh coquette
Drinking whiskey in a Swansea tavern
Me and trouble are a sure-fire bet

Well how about this then I'm a suave bullfighter
Or maybe a war correspondent for the BBC
Why aye man my load feels lighter
Another Jameson should set me free

I don't want to have to feel or think
Bartender pour me one more drink
I'll show me
I'll show me

Ain't it always like the old man said
You keep it simple or you'll wind up dead
I'll show me
I'll show me
I'll show me
I'll show me