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Hope In Faintness

Awake I feel like a Draft and my eyes are tired of Distress, starvation and my own unpleasantness.

I feel, looking at the sky, full of violet at night.
Looking at my hurt hands under the twilight
But, when I wake up...

I still keep on searching of my own reason and my own cause, my own loss.
I don't know why or how I feel the missing. I don't know if I've lost.
I know the answer but no the meaning
I keep on searching for it as a fortune or a weakness.
Maybe I am my own disease...
Maybe I am my own illness...
Maybe I am my own weakness...

When I sleep all the voices and the melodies surround me.
That dream. All the voices and the melodies make feel what I've never been, think what I've never thought, see what I've never seen.

"God Bless the Ocean, God Bless the Trees,
Godspeed dark thoughts becoming the blood on my knees."