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Honey. Clover. Dead Dog.

Antioch Antioxidant Accident
4 poor college kids are trapped in an 8x12x1.5 inch box
one more college kid has closed his mind to the double time approach of the inevitable
10ft down I'm waiting on my last meal wheezing on my wool and plastic palanquin
I've been scratching at the door for days you had to have heard me even though you're hiding
hiding in your watercolor cartoon tragedy

You'll hear it in his voice
you'll smell it on the wind
death will tie your boots because you're trying not to look
you'll watch my legs give out you'll watch
me shudder down the hill
you'll follow on your knees crying trying not to look

You'll have to make the call
go on kick me i deserve it
you'll have to make the call
go come on kiss me i deserve it

it'll take you weeks, but eventually
you will forget about me for days at a time
I hope you realize then, that you've got other friends
you have at least four more in that computer screen

do you understand how much i love you, man?
I'm sure you hate me for choosing today to die
I'm really sorry bro, but you know I love the snow
so if I have to die, I think I'd like to do it outside.