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History Unfolds

Black Thought
Hey, yo!

I been pennin' the Iliad and the Odyssey
A premonition I really had, it was prophecy
Back in the kitchen, now where we at it's monopoly
The Mathematician I entered the system properly
This officially a Philly jawn, once again it's on
I was born ringing alarms like Tenor Saw
My track record is what I ain't got a blemish on unless I remember wrong
Well, either way I'm 'bout to finish strong
Redemption songs of a Genghis Khan
Revenge is sworn later on, throw the [?] card
You hit the nail on the head, bro, we don't bang wit'cha'll
Your team different, we don't move with the same decorum
What I reflect is still a real feel temperature
Symptoms show I'm physically ill and still emperor
Track whisperer, carbon colored conquistador
Kiss the jaws and make 'em cry, it's not difficult
Whoa, a lot of rappers is rollin' in fear of chowder, they far from rock solid, they soldiers Terracotta
Of my philosophy, I'm the father like Aristotle
I will put a whole end to your whole saga, you Harry Potters is soft
Your rhymes E-M-O, mines is non-G-M-O
I'm a vessel, a vehicle, y'all don't see it though
I'm comin' for the riches you stole like King Leopold
And keep the whole world on watch while history unfolds

Hey, yo!