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Heartbreak Armageddon

Highway of emptiness outside the burning world,
Rise again this quest for our salvation,
Running faster, the savage laughter, the daylight fades away,
Nothing left but the life we left behind,
Ever searching the hidden faces, the hatred grows inside,
Broken man and a family left destroyed.

Light years away, empty words between us,
So turn away and say goodbye for the last time tonight,
Still lost within the loneliness a lifetime ago,
Hanging on as we passed through the fields,
These pieces of our lives will lead the long journey home,
And the wounds never heal

So fly for the last time, and the fire burns within,
Silently we stand in a long forgotten wasteland,
Rise through the lost ages, hope they will bring,
Free forever more and the dream will never die.

Devastation, a lost connection, a beatdown man returns,
So confused and alone for one more time,
Crushed defeated, the fog surrounding, a prisoner trapped inside,
System down feel the veins erupt tonight.

Time after time, promises of freedom,
We'll leave the past behind and strike for the first time tonight,
Still mystified by lack of cravation they show,
After all of the trials we've been through,
These memories and empty words were all lost in vain,
And the scars never heal.

[Chorus x3]

Whoa, oh, oh,
And the dream will never die.