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Haunting (interlude)

"After I had moved into my apartment two weeks, I awoke with hands around my throat; this went on for one week. My radio played when not plugged in. I heard someone run across my attic floor. I saw my tufted rug—my tufted rug appear like someone was walking on it. I had foul odors in the apartment in the wintertime. I awoke one night to a cat meowing and I had no cat, nor did the tenant below me. Knocks came from inside my attic door. One night a bat, or bird, flew against my head; I am not sure which, it happened so fast. I saw chimpanzees appear in my bedroom. I heard my name being called, and when I turned to look, I saw my broth—"
[*tape fast-forwarding*]
"So who was really trying to kill me? Not my friend, but Satan. Why, I didn't know."