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Great Display Of Patience

Ball Park Music

Band/Artist: Ball Park Music

Album: Museum

[?] is pouring the other towns
To cleanse your body when you're down
But my fur coat fans are in dismay
I pen pal poke them every day
But the helmet crush my real desire
To be on wheels and move, move, move
Into a galaxy of summer's mould
Congratulate me when I've sold out

My bank account has eyes and thoughts
It's got sex appeal and files reports
It's only close and changing hands
But does this speak it while it can
But shells wash in on ancient shores
And curve them [?] beneath your pores
Into your sheets and skin or bold
And I'm just doing what I'm told

You're mine now
You're mine now

Oh and I waited a long time
Waited a long time
Waited a long time
But you're mine, mine, mine, oh

And I'll damn you if this paper trail
Consumes my boots and pulls my tail
Cause I'm an upset dog
A fresh new glass
The weeks keep clicking by unchecked
And the oceans swells and fills the room
A somersault inside a womb

And she's mine now
You're mine now

[Chorus x2]