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Ghost Stories

Dead Of Night (GBR)
I last saw my love in the morning as he called to me
We shall be one by the setting of the sun
Our child will be as fair as a morning wrought in early Spring
And her name shall be Desire and she shall overcome
I picture her now as she might have been
With gold in her hair, with her fair and soft skin
And if I could cry then I would weep long
For my love and the child I have lost

And I will send the night
To hold you in embrace
And I will send the night
To look upon your face
And I'll watch over you
Forever from this place
And I will count the days before me
I will return again, I will return again
I will return in time
In ghost stories

So with a happy heart I ran home to tell the tale of
how my love was true and marry we would so soon
And if I were with child then oh how I would sing for joy
How could I know I was running to my doom?
Father, he said shame I had brought but
How could it be shameful to reach for true love?
With murder in mind, he came in the night
And buried my body with the moonlight

Winter winds will come with seasons, fading memories
I will be here as a voice upon the breeze
Think of me sometimes and imagine that which might have been
A long lost hope, just a fragile dream
So long ago, so many years
Into the unknown with so many fears
Make of your life whatever you will
But never forget your true love lies here still