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Forge Of Finitude

Unfathomable Ruination
Planetary spirals on the verge of dissipating into ether
Withering species, antonyms of eternity
Astonished by the visions of chaos in spiral motion
For we are bound to the forge of finitude

Branded by the forge yet blessed with the promise of free will,
Destined to return and engulf the cosmic foundry

Elliptical orbits slide through wormholes
Dragging planets in their wake,
Reverberations of agony permeate the very essence of matter

Rhetoric winds consume these barren wasteland
Even when corpses are erased by vermin and oblivion,
We still worship the vultures of destruction

Hail to thee, vultures of elimination
We linger in a state of caustic incubation

Cathode cages are built to purge
Our Vitruvian sense of belonging
Trapped in the shadow of long-lost memories

For we are bound to the forge of finitude,
The source that creates yet dictates
All things must eventually end