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Fool Maria

Jurado, Damien
When you hide away the daylight
The thief, he comes to rob you
With arms stretched out like a cousin
You swore you've only seen once
Approaching with caution
So quick, he gets your name wrong
Your singing betrays you
And still you want to go on

But you're no fool, Maria
With your half-moon crescent eyelids
Dipping like a curtain
That lets you know it's over

We are fiction as it's written
The bleeding ink on paper
Quiet as an aeroplane
Before it hits the mountain

We are song
We are gone

If I said that I had chose this
I then would be a liar
I am only living sentences
That were long before I got here

And you are proof in flesh
That God Himself is behind this
You don't need to understand
But truly you must live it

And I want you to be free
And I want to be at ease
Naked as in Eden
Before there was the thief

It's true that I had visions
It's true that I heard voices
My mind was a tired earthquake
When my thoughts were breaking dishes
Falling into pieces
And running towards the exit
Keeping my composure
As I saw the landscape split
In two