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Five Branches Against Doom

Five naked limbs crawling outward
From a gaunt dauntless trunk without root
Dream-borne stems seek nutrients
With which to feed their cadaverous host

Somnolent whispers be damned
Branches five guarding the gates of mind
Old master waits in great tomb
Trunk must withstand 'gainst the astral storm

Sister of the witch's foot
Is a living symbol and a lock
Protect us oh stark sigil
The first in line for devouring

Three of us clutching for holds
At the five shining limbs of the sign
Anchor points weaken yet hold
Pray there's still some undamaged starstones

Its cultists are without mind
Its journey begun in star strewn gulfs
It is submerged and entombed
And far beyond mortal reckoning

We're at its dreaming mercy
We're enthralled by writhing tentacles
We're drowned in its horror
Our only hope is the elder sign