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Final Fight

The day is ending
Dusk is about to come
Enter the dark
And all the night's fears

Praise to your saviour
No one can help you now
The final judgement
For those whom I decide

Close your eyes
Try to dream
No dawn
Awaits for you

In the silence
Of the night
Feel my breath
You are dead

Too much time
Awaiting to return
Hidden in the shadows
Of a world beyond

Beyond the impure thoughts
Beyond the blackened hearts
Corrupted by envy
Embittered by religions

Final fight
Final fight

In the morning
When you all wake up dead
Your eyes of fear
And paralysed face

It is time
The curse will reach you all
The final fight
To unleash my wrath within

Die, suffer, the tombs are ready for you

So it was written, so it was done
Take me away from the lies, from the pain
Take me away