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Feelin (ft. Wiz Khalifa)


Band/Artist: Berner

Album: 11-11

My heart racin' and my hands shakin', I'm ridin' 'round with two Glocks
All that loud talkin' is coolin' off, fuck around and get your dude shot
Touch down when that thing land, we celebrate and smoke good
I was nineteen smokin' light green, sellin' cream, up to no good
I'm playin' mind games with pretty bitches in the strip club, all fantasy
I'm on two pills, with two girls, why the Devil keep on temptin' me?
We'll settle down eventually, until then it's trap or die
Cherry pie, Skittles too
K-K, I'm hella high
King of the city, yeah, Queen is the mayor
You need it? I got it, I'm gettin' it there
That way that I'm livin', they say it ain't fair
Twenty two bitches, yeah, Bern is a player
Twenty two joints, hit it, smoke in the air
Diamonds so clean when I roll up they stare
The pussy so good I might go in it bare
Fuck it, I'm livin', I really don't care
It's Bern

That money got me feelin' like
That money got me feelin' like
That money got me feelin' like
That money got me feelin' like

I'm twenty now and bought a three year old, take care of mine
Some run from their destiny, I'm not scared of mine
Wanna take a walk in these Chucks? Well, here's a pair of mine
Rather do things on my own then just stand and whine
I never learned to wait for shit or stand in line
If you really ridin' for Taylor Gang, you a fan of mine
When that bag ain't all the way filled up, I can't arrive
When everything ain't goin' right, the stars ain't aligned
When I was in the Burg, my main goal was stayin' alive
If you can't take of yours, you gon' pay the price
If your girl comin' with me then I'm gon' lay the pipe
Sometimes when I smoke other weed, my brain ain't right
Me and Bern smoke day and night

Yeah, it's Taylor Gang over everything
That money got me feelin' like
That means over you and that stupid shit you talkin' 'bout, Gang
That money got me feelin' like
Put somethin' real in the joint and smoke that, uhh
That money got me feelin' like
That money got me feelin' like