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Fast, Fierce & Funny


Band/Artist: Cameo

Album: Word Up!

Mo-ney, mo-ney, mo-ney, mo-ney

I'm here to make some waves, hoping to convince you, before you have a thing to say
be it a car or expensive caviar...they go to your creditors cause they know who you are
don't leave your home without American Express.
Never trust your friends without a very thorough credit check, some people will pay you with one eye on the clock;
others will have to pay through that friendly neighborhood loan shark...

fast, fierce and fu-n-n-y
the way people - can - play with your money

now I tried to romance you and I tried real hard, everything was going good until they took my credit card;
now I'm not a flakey kind of guy you see, I've got plenty of money..but unfortunately not with me.
Now your my kind of girl and you like nice things. I can tell by the clothes you wear and the size of the diamond on your ring.
As long as there's cash around there's always hope, but once you see what your cash is worth you'll deep six over and croak.

fast, fierce and fu-n-n-y
the way people - can - play with your money

baby check it out, there's no doubt
use your head, save your bread...
baby check it out.

baby check it out

The Dow Down Jones average today hit an all time low and sent the stock market crashing...
thousands panic in the effort to hold on to thier assetts, Washington has made an official statement...
and we are about to take it live to Washington'

make that money try to stay ahead make that money till ya drop dead, make that money now your on your own (now that bank won't give you a loan)
work your fingers to the bone makin' that money gotta bring it home, got no cash gotta write a check if they have it cause my [?]

money!!! money!!! work yo fingers to da bone...gonna bring that money, money hoh yeah....