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Fanfare - Fire Poem

Brown, Arthur
And I was lying in the grass
By a river
And as I lay, the grass turned to sand
And the river turned to a sea
And suddenly the sea burst into flames
And the sand was burning
And I breathed in
And there was smoke in my lungs
And there was fire in my brain!
And I looked around me
And there were all these shapes being sucked into the flames
And they were rising and trying to escape
And I knew that I had to get out
And I looked above me and I saw a shape
That was smiling down at me and beckoning, saying
"Come on home!"
And I raised myself and I tried to get outta the flames
And I was getting higher and higher and higher and higher
And I reached out towards the shape
And as I reached out the shape shed
And my hands were empty!
And I was falling!
I was falling
I was falling into the flames
And I knew that I was gonna burn!
I was gonna burn!
Oh it's so hot in here!
Let me out! please!