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Cole, Lloyd
Think you're really something, now
Just because I offer you
A ride in my brand new car
When you know we're nothing more than just
Smoke and rhetoric
And we're barely rhyming as we are
So don't get so excited
He's not that kind of writer
The chances are we'll wind up in some godforsaken
Not love
No use to get sad about it
Can't love everysong

Well let's not lose perspective, now
Just because we spend a little time together while
We're on our way
And sure I'll hold you for a little while
If you ask me I can stay
At least until tomorrow
But now we're halfway through the song and I'm still
Tagging along
Surely clouds are coming soon
But as of now I can see nothing but blue
No use to go second guessing
Can't cry everysong

Maybe the wine is going cheap at the creative retreat
Maybe our man's smoking something
Because something's feeling scarily like love
No need to complain
No siree Bob
Can't cry everysong