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Eternal Rest

Hidden Intent
Thoughts swirl around day after day
Why won’t they just go away?
Your past haunts you
How does it feel?
Is this the price to pay?


Constant voices in my head
Speak now or be dead
Constant voices in my head

Eternal rest

Guilt, lies, constant mistrust is what you will face with


Surely there’s a reason to be? This will eventually unveil

You’re catastrophic
You’re spinning out of control

The world seems foreign to you
As you crush a fucking human soul
Shattered dreams, lost lives
You can’t hide, accept the fight

What’s wrong with you?
Your thoughts unfold

The grass always greener on the other side

At least that's what they say

Your inhumane, she's on her hands and knees
This isn’t a game, she’s begging to plead
Think of all people you are fucking over time

Your one of a kind
It’s time to give in
it’s time to give in
It’s time to give in
I guess l'll let you win
This guilt will pass
As time goes on
Wear it on your sleeve
Until the moment is gone
(Solo - Bennett)

No more guilt
No more lies

No more lingering, no more cries
Rest in peace, your always on my mind
The time will come, to leave it all behind
Just let it be, stay the fuck away