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Eternal Rest

Strange are the fates
That lead us away from the light
But once you stray from the path
There is no turning back

No hope remains for me
I joined the army of darkness
Very soon you'll feel my presence
And you'll wish to have never been born

Once you decided who lived and who died
And then my time had come
That decision is now in my hands
I want to see you bleed

We the chosen ones
To eradicate the sinners from this earth
Will appear in your dreams
You will never wake up

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Eternal rest
For the ones who'll die

Requiem aeternam- eternal rest
This is the hymn for the dying
Requiem aeternam- eternal rest
Thou shall find peace, thou shall die

There's a thin line
Between good and evil
Once you cross it
There's no turning back

Dangerous are the paths
That lead us away from the light
When we are into the darkness
Only evil prevails