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Eradicating Defilement

The shunts of creation.
Roots of knowledge,
keystone of life and death.

Unlock through serpentine sperm,
a spiral foundation of human existence.

Cleaved where the roots of everlasting wisdom.
A nip on a fruit. A fang on a kingdom,
crashed where the stars,
diverging from orbits
with pyral domains.
Uncountable conflicts.

Ripped debris.
Exiled remains,
defiling the peace
of a mortal race,
eradicating filth.
A hand above all,
the shine of an angel,
a terrible roar.

Behold the rootless meadows.
Luscent gems imprisoned in vacuum.
Rise out of the horizon
rabid and frantic for elevation.

Black and white wings embrace the universe
for the copulation raised the peacebringer!

Agnis! Peace is a lie.
Guardian am i
bastard child

Lupis! War is a lie.
Whoever needs war
powerless is he.

I eradicate...

The mass gloomed
the faceless light,
as i land on my nest.

Hovering i feed the flame
and let the strongest prevail.

I fly in vacuum through space.
On the stairs of salvation
I lead the Snake,
defiling the cravens
of the gift of life.