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Drowned in Self-Absorption

Once you sink helpless into the deepness of self-absorption
The light of clarity slowly fades
Turmoil and confussion blur the impresionist eye.
There is no God to clear the sight.

It is the corrupted soul who holds the key to destruction
For the essential weakness is buried within
Self-preservation lost in despondency
A sweetness unknown to our evil twin.

Beating and beating our own real meanings
Drowning and Drowning our truthful moaning
Regretting repeatedly our powerless intentions
Screaming and pleading for inner salvation.

The abstract resolutions for future enlightenment
The self-righteous attempts to seize all the vagueness
Nothing but delusional bullshit fed through fairy tales
Deconstructing oneself is just what it takes

The traces of our past are still deep bleeding wounds
Flooding us all with bitterness and gloom
Forget what you used to be before you were slayed
Accept that your old self won't come back again

Big merciless giants are guarding the throne
Where peace is the grail that sitters enjoy
Those faces are known, I've seen then somewhere
Bloody hell that's me, before I was dead