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Black Milk (USA)

Band/Artist: Black Milk (USA)

Album: FEVER

Hey ey ey

Do you feel like drowning
Walk around black in a world trapped
Feeling surrounded
Life's [?] hard as quicksand trying to get out of it
Heart and soul like a pot of gold
Do you feel like you found it? (Naw)
Feel like you grounded? (Naw)
Feel the doubt
Can't get a smile so image of frown
And with a bow twenty niggas around
Standing 'round all my niggas around me
Crew all grew up in the same surrounding
These niggas wyling
Next door they was dialing 9-11
When its getting violent you can hear the sirens go
Something that now I know
Either man you gotta go
When they hit the block, when you hear the pop
Niggas is adios
Gotta be out your mind truth
So how do you shine with all of that dark inside of you
Hoping better days will find you

Don't see a change coming
They say they wanna change up

Hey ey ey

Its like officer, officer
What have you done
How many apples can spoil a bunch
You just need one
So if you can't stand up
When fellow officers shoot a kid with they hands up
I don't know who we can trust
Middle fingers both hands
Jammed in handcuffs
Seems like a war on us all its a manhunt
[?] no land of the free
Can't even go stand on the street
Without getting runned up on
With red and blue lights with two white cops
Already ready to pull triggers on sight
Or on who might just so happen to have black skin
They act now the same as they did back then
Back when
All for one, one for all
Had to show them all
Fuck you, fuck your law, and fuck your protocol
This never ending war we've all seen this scene before
Try to change and get the same results


Why they talking my flow?
Why they robbing our glow?
Out here robbing our soul
Out here outta control
[?] been crying no more