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Don't Let Me Go

Modern Talking

Band/Artist: Modern Talking

Album: Alone

A Lonely Avenue - It's Raining In My Heart
No Name, No Number Girl - How Can I Try A Start Without You?
I'm As Lonely As A Cloud - Oh, When Your Love Falls Down
You Make The Sun Keep Shining - Oh, When You're Just Around
And Whenever Will Be - I Promise Your Love, Forever My Love

Don't Let Me Go, Little Darling
Oh, No-No-NO-No-No Little Darling
That I'm So In Love With You.....
Don't Let Him Know, Little Darling
Oh, No-No-No-No-No Little Darling
That I'll Never Let You Go.....
We're Flying High And Flying Low
Oh, Babe There's One Thing You Should Know
I'll Never Ever Let You Go.....

And When The Sun Goes Down - My World Is In Your Hands
On Silver Clouds We'll Fly - Just To The Raibow's End, You And I
Only My Shadow Knows - Love Is On My Side
I'll Fly Around The Moon - Only To Hold You Tight
And Whatever Will Be, I Promise Your Love - Forever My Love