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Doldrum Sentinels

King Goat

Band/Artist: King Goat

Album: Debt Of Aeons

Long are the hours of the evening.
Whereas there used to be peace.
Between the cracks it is seeping.
The filth that cannot be cleaned out.

A cool breeze, A dark sky.
A short walk to nowhere.
And nothing appeals, And nowhere seems safe.
Just pulling at strands, Slowly unraveling.

So, This is a taste of the untrodden way.
Stretching into the night and beyond.

There is just one remedy to an ill like this.
But a howling threnody, From nowhere, tells you how it was missed.

And the Doldrum Sentinels, Watching in the dark.
As they claw and they scrape, they will laugh as they take to the last.

Calm, Calm.
Calmly selecting the best of my memories.
All, For.
All for a fantasy cause.
Believe, Leave.
Oh, did I mention this brief contravention of.
Mind, Mines.
Digs to the core of the soul.
Run, Run.
Time is elapsing and you're not reacting at.
All, Stall.
Stalling will buy you no more.
Fear, Fear.
The one motivation to bring you salvation from.
Death, Death.
Oh well, it will come to us all.

Long, long are the hours,
No longer ours,
After the evening.
No halcyon sleep,
Placid release,
Cannot be found.
Try blocking it out,
Terror and doubt,
They will control your
Fate, Dragging below,
All that you know,
To the core of the world.

Doldrum Sentinels