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Do You Ever Dream?

Delta Rae
Do you ever dream?
Do you ever see the future when you look at me?
A little house in the mountains surrounded by the evergreens
A homemade meal and a couple kids
Or is just the moment?
Is it the sex and the comfort and the laughs that keep you coming back?
I hate to ruin the romance baby but I have to ask
Is there something I can't see?

Do you ever dream?

Do you ever dream?
Or do you want to leave this world while you're still young and free?
Live on the edge and leave falling in love to girls like me
And you'd give me just enough
But you never call, you never share
You're never wrong, and it's not fair
I had a vision of who I'd be
And baby I'm not there

Do you ever dream?

Do you ever dream when the nights get lonely?
You're gonna wish that I was there
Do you ever dream how it's gonna hurt baby
When there's nobody that cares
About the stories that you tell?
Do you even get that far?
'Cause I've been living in this moment
And it's all falling apart

Do you ever dream?
Hold on to something you can't see
Give me a reason not to leave