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Dismal Veil Of Nothingness

Funeral Mourning
Entombed eyes glare back, upon gaunt faces in sullen death
Doth thou seek absolution? Hath thou paid toll to an abyss?

An existence in basalt ashen darkness, stern as shadow's embrace
Bound to misery yet born in damnation, which hold reign above my heart? I feel death crawling yet I am already dead
Death, shall not heal me...

Drowning in familiar black seas where grief is my only guide
Come, when shall the mistress claim?
As tides swept like angels faded in pale grey
Come great redeemer! Drown me in the blood of the earth!

Fragments of further shattered dreams, sink like titanic stone
Under frozen waters wailing in twisted agony
Tides piercing, like a dagger felt time and time before
The dismal veil of nothingness assails me
Rend! Rend! Tear me through the unknown
Sentence me remorseless

Drowning, I could hear the haunting calls reverberate across the tides, but I'm left behind to wallow in blackness...