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Die Reise In Den Tod (part II)

Eastern Front

Band/Artist: Eastern Front

Album: EmpirE

Crushing realization that leads to the end, the monolithic despair
Decimates the mind, raised patriotic a red star of the homeland
Suckling the milk of the communist truth to honour the motherland

For honour, for glory, die reise in den tod

Enemy's descend, extinction envoys
defenses dig into reserves of fortitude
Comrade courage bolstered, stoic strength in slaughters face
Conviction depleted, divisions endure to preserve the motherland

The journey towards death: no uncertain end
With horror, with dread,die reise in den tod

Chance forlorn glances across the debris, forgotten faces fall
Darkness grants, a slight, a respite, moonlit distorted death masks
Fields of the faceless, all comrades in death
Fallen for the motherland

Creeping through the masses of flesh torn by steel
Footsteps perturbing splintered remains
Contorted corpses, deep set sorrow

To die for the homeland
The journey towards death