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Descent Into Genocide

Eastern Front
Retaliation across the city of Kiev
Exterminate the filth and vermin
A paradigm of slaughter against this plague
Fighting to recover the homeland
Signs inform them "departure in the morning"
If they don't appear they're put to death
Descend into the arms of butchery

Tis a bitter poignancy that they anticipate their future
On the morning of Yom Kipur the wind whips the whispers of the dead

If these bells still toll they know they're alive
Bodies dense with the stench of fear, whispers, cries, yet dry eyes

Where are the trains to drive them on, all trudge forward with anticipation
Hearts beat with the fear of the unknown, minds foresee brighter futures

Led through the barren cemetary
Beaten and stripped of all humanity
With sadistic intent, a sense of depravity
All are dispatched to their destination by a bullet

The glazed eyes of the old man gaze up at his god
Who witnesses the grotesque with silence

Thousands embrace each other in their demise, blood pools on alabaster flesh
This ravine now will run red, empty hollow life. So, so fragile

The taste of iron blood, faith is a better cross to bear
Than their medal for massacre, their medal for massacre

Descent into genocide

As they close their eyes for the final time
The brave bear witness to their resettlement