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Derelicted Knackery

Scrambled Defuncts
On derelicted knackery being outraged I fasten down
Unearthed stunged corpses to immense pillars
Dried skin skimmed off, share bones smashed up
Trough lapidified brain nails derived in their eyes
Mangled heads trepanned, clodded brain truncated
Veins unfolded, tortiled nerves munched
Gelded limbless torsos forcarved in longways
Exsiccated meat erased from spoke-bones
Wrung necks enlaced with the cut sinews
Sheared eyeballs boil in rectal slime
From slotted skulls I eat wormeaten mash
Huge maul turn children's skeletons in meal
Stretched muscles go phut from strain
Gory maturated livers minced in farce
Gelatinized hams putrefying in ptomaine
Scrabbed orbits fill with short-cut spleen
Overrotten pudendum toughen in the retch
Pieces of rein shivering in jelly hurts
Mammae an hymens torn to tatters
Shaken out internal protrude from ripped rictuses
Jagged perineum lacerated by maggots
Warped undercuts hanging on meat hooks
Inside in disemboweled gravid mothers' corpses
I rape recrement of unborn children's torsos
In bloody defecation on bottom of the tombs
Chopped up children wriggle like worms
Prized open bodies quake with pain
Prickled the derma on turgid pussy sacs
Snatches of trunks pulsate with blood
On wrenched out infants' guts